A Letter form our Adopt-A-Seminarian Program

Happy Easter, my family at Immanuel Lutheran Church,

He is risen for you! What an inexhaustible God we have. The God we worship has created you, loved you, and He has died for you. And after doing all of this all we ca do is sit back and trust that he is continuing to work all things for our good. All we can do is trust that He is seeing us through to that last day when we too will overcome sin, death, and the devil by the blood of the lamb. Until that day, however, we see God´s deeds as through a dim mirror. By-in-large, we remain clueless of all His wondrous deeds that He works towards us each and every day. Yet, the beautiful thing about Easter is that God´s most precious work for you is so prevalent before our eyes. On Easter, this gospel message is proclaimed before your eyes, ears, and mouth as we hear, taste, and see the depths, width, length, and height of God´s love for you.

In the midst of this Easter celebration, I´m also so very excited to say that Call Day is just 9 days away! On May 1st I finally find out where God will be sending me to be a pastor. Honestly, this is a very humbling feeling. I first realized that I wanted to be a pastor back in 2007–12 years ago. Personally, I feel like 23 years is an astronomically long time. Seriously – that´s almost half of my entire life! And now, in just a few short days I´ll finally learn where that first call will be.

It´s kind of funny, actually. For me, 12 years feels like a thousand years. But as I reflect on it, I can´t help but think of it in God´s time–table. God ahs planned for me to be the pastor of Such–And–Such Lutheran church on August 1st, 2019 A.D. God has a purpose and a time for everything. There´s a reason why he knitted me into existence in 1993. He had a plan for my life, and that gives me great peace knowing that He is in control and acts with purpose.

This anticipation of Call Day is an emotion I´ve never felt to this extent before. However, the good news is that I´m scheduled to preach in Concordia´s chapel on April 29th. I get to preach to the seminary community just two days before Call Day. This means that I get to assure everyone of the love and power of God during a time of high anticipation. Thankfully, this sermon should also act to keep my won mind busy in the meantime, haha. As the days draw nearer, it´ll be nice to reflect and mediate on God´s word and the sermon as I ponder His unending truths.

I thank you for your continued support and ongoing prayers during this time. Many blessings, and I look forward to writing you again in a few weeks about my call.

With gratitude and Christian love,
Alan Mueller