Greetings from the Davis´ Homestead,

The past few months have been quite busy and full! In July, we had a smooth move back to St. Louis. We are living on the seminary campus in a townhouse. We still own our house in St. Louis, but are currently renting it with plans to sell it next summer.

After being in St. Louis less than two weeks Shawn hopped onto a plane with several other Seminary students and Professors and flew to Tel-Aviv, Israel.

He was blessed to be able to spend 14 days experiencing all the different parts of Israel. They travelled from South of Beer Sheva to a bottom ridge of Mount Hermon and everywhere in between. He took many pictures of rocks and rubble and gained a great deal of insight as to what the rocks and rubble, the archeology digs, actually mean. One of the most amazing things was getting a more vivid picture of the area in which the people of the Bible walked and lived. Those rocks and rubble were where Abraham dug his well in Genesis 21 and where Saul overlooked the fight between David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. He also walked along a path that was likely the path Jesus walk into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives after he wept in Luke 19. The experience gives a whole new level to the familiar Bible stories and creates a challenge to paint that next level of the story in my preaching and teaching.

Meanwhile, back in St. Louis, the rest of the family began settling into life in St. Louis. For Anna, that means keeping busy planning events and attending meetings as she serves as president of the Seminary Women’s Association for this academic year. When she’s not doing that, she continues to sew whatever anyone asks her to. She is happy to be back in St. Louis and settling into some of her “usual” groups.

Adelaide started first grade at the public school right next to the seminary campus. She loves it! Her reading skills are improving every day. Her favorite books right now are Laura Ingalls Wilder books. She’s currently participating in a Board Game Club that has been quite fun. Her outgoing spirit has served her well as she has quickly made lots of new friends around school and the seminary.

Elsie has been thriving in 4 year old preschool at a local Lutheran school. She is blessed to be in a small class with several seminary buddies. She particularly enjoys all the car-pooling. Her favorite pastime at home right now is pretending to be a mom to her baby doll, RachelBeka and her build-a-bear, Elsa.

Daniel is a busy and curious 2.5 year old. When he’s hot trying to keep up with his sisters, you’ll find him listening for construction and emergency vehicles around campus or playing with his vast collection of toy vehicles. He is so expressive & easy going, but has exhibited signs of speech delay. He recently began speech therapy, and we .are excited to watch him daily grow in his ability to communicate more clearly!

After being gone for 2 weeks, Shawn returned exhausted but enthused about all he had learned. Adjusting back to life in academia has come with challenges (for us all!), but knowing the end is in sight makes it a little easier. Shawn will received his first placement as a called Pastor in April, graduate in May, and probably begin his new position sometime in June. It’s all starting to get very real as we have begun the “official” call process which involves filling about paperwork, attending meetings, and interviews with a couple professors. While it’s overwhelming to have no idea where we will end up, it’s also a very exciting time.

Being in our final year of seminary, we find ourselves often reflecting on the last 3 years. This seminary season has been a whirlwind. We have been blessed time and time again through the generosity of others. It has been a season of receiving and learning to say thank you. We feel dearly loved through this season in our lives and continue to thank God for his blessings.

As we write this letter we are reminded of the covenant of peace that God promised his chosen people in Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 34:26 we read:"... I will send down showers in season. There will be showers of blessing.”

Thank you for all you have done for us, Thank you for being part of the “showers of blessings” we have experienced in this season. Your prayers, encouragement, and support mean so much to us! We can’t say thank you enough.

May you be reminded daily of God’s peace, grace, and blessings as His mercies are new every morning.
Shawn, Anna, Adelaide, Elsie, and Daniel