Sunday School is held in the Church Basement every Sunday immediately following the 9:00 Church Service.

Meet Our Teachers

Preschool and Kindergarten: Stephanie Leutjen
  Lana Scott
First through Third: Carolyn Colson
  Lindsey Scott
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth: Marah Luetjen
  D.J. Griggs
Junior High: Judy Teufel
Adult Bible Class: Pastor Wing
Sunday School Superintendents: Stephanie Luetjen
  Megan Roscher

Sunday School Awards:

We are launching a new program which will allow students to earn award pins. In addition to the attendance pins that they are already working toward, they may also earn pins by completing the task that is assigned to their grade level. Since this is the first time we are having this program, older students will be allowed to go back and earn any pins that they have missed up to their grade level. Your child's Sunday School teacher will be in charge of determining completion of each task. All awards will be awarded during church on the Sunday of the Sunday School picnic, tentatively scheduled for September 6.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sara Wing, any of the members of the Board of Education or your child's Sunday School teacher.

PreK3 – Evangelism Pin, learning the story of salvation and telling it back to someone
PreK4 – Baptism Pin, learning their baptism birthday and Romans 5:8
K – Prayer pin, learning the Lord’s Prayer
1 – Trinity Pin, learning the Apostle’s Creed
2 – Cross Pin, learning Romans 5:6–11
3 – Church Pin, Learning Luther’s Morning and Evening prayers
4 – Law/Gospel Pin for learning the 10 commandments
5 – Luther’s Rose Pin, learning the 10 commandments and their meanings
6 – Bible Pin, learning the books of the Bible
7 – Christmas Pin, Cheerful participation in the Christmas program and Learning the Apostles Creed and its Meaning
8 – Lord’s Supper Pin, learning the Christian Questions and their Answers
LYF – Service Pin, Participate in 2 service events per year